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Frequently Asked Questions
Find the answers to the questions we are asked most frequently. Can't find the answer to the question you have? No problem! Contact us and we will gladly help answer any questions you may have.

Paying for Services

We are currently contracted with United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Aetna but some plans may have exclusions and may not cover mental health services. We will need to verify your benefits to be sure.

Yes, we are currently accepting United HealthCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Aetna. Please note that each insurance company has different plans and we will not know if your plan is covered until we verify your benefits.

We can provide you with fee information for the therapist of your choice.

Yes, we are considered a healthcare provider and we can provide you with receipts if you need to provide proof to your health savings account.

Please address any billing questions with the business manager, at 480-712-8201 or by sending an email to Hello@AuthenticJourneyAZ.com.


What to Expect From Therapy

At the first session, the therapist will work on understanding who you are and understanding your story. The therapist will ask questions to get to know you better.

You and your therapist can decide how often to meet but we encourage you to meet weekly for the first four sessions so that you and the therapist can build a trusting relationship.

This is different for everyone, depending on what your goals are. You and your therapist will create goals and objectives that will help you stay on track with your treatment.

You and your therapist will create a treatment plan during the second session and discuss what treatment modality and skills will be addressed in therapy. The plan will be followed at every session and adjusted when needed to ensure the interventions are effective.

The therapeutic relationship is extremely important, and it is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist. If you feel that the therapist is not a good match, let the therapist know or our office manager and we will attempt to match you with the right therapist.

Not at all. We want you to feel comfortable with your therapist and we encourage you to speak up when it is not a good match. We do not take it personal.


Other Frequent Questions

Our policy is that close family and friends should see a different therapist to ensure there are no confidentiality or boundary violations. This policy is set to ensure best care for our clients and a high level of professionalism for our therapists.

Depending on the purpose of the letter, our policy is that a therapist needs to obtain approval from the clinical supervisor before a letter is written. A therapist must stay within their scope of professional practice and each situation is different and therefore there is no guarantee that the therapist will be able to write a letter on your behalf.

Due to certain rules and laws that need to be followed by therapists, they are very limited to what can be disclosed regarding your mental health.