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Renee Basnett, LASAC, MA, MS


My Counseling Philosophy:
Struggling with anger, depression, anxiety and addiction is not a choice that anyone consciously makes. However, trust is earned, most especially with teens and trauma survivors; therefore, I work hard to gain the trust of my clients. By accepting and affirming people where they are today, I can help them arrive at their best life. I believe that we are all capable, no matter our age, of learning new skills as well as replacing unhealthy skills that no longer serve us. With the right tools, you can find healing and go on to live the life of your dreams.

Training and Therapy Approach:
As a counselor who specializes in substance abuse and trauma-informed care, I am equipped to serve those suffering from addiction, abuse history, and difficulty regulating their emotions. I have received training as a Clinical Trauma Specialist through the Arizona Trauma Institute. I am also trained in Motivational Interviewing and Co-occurring Disorders (mental health and substance abuse). I am currently receiving training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to address trauma experiences. Many times, it is difficult to verbalize feelings therefore I incorporate the use of art as a form of expression in my counseling practice.

Treatment Focus:
I work with pre-teens, adolescents, young adults, and adults who are struggling with difficult situations or are having a challenging time managing their feelings. My areas of focus in counseling include alcohol and drug abuse, anger management, anxiety, depression, problems with relationships, poor self-esteem, dating violence, and gaining healthy coping skills. I also work closely with clients who are facing negative consequences from the use of substances. Furthermore, I have a background in bilingual and special education, I’m also well-equipped to treat children & adults with special needs and various learning abilities.

What to Expect from Me?
If you’re struggling to overcome life’s many struggles, I can help you develop the tools needed to bounce back and live with confidence and creativity. Together, we can find an individualized approach that will benefit you emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually so that you thrive as the person you were created to be.

When I Am Not Working:
I love exploring other cultures and viewpoints which I why I have lived in Mexico, France and Nicaragua. I’m originally from Napa, CA but moved to Phoenix, AZ about 20 years ago to work as a bilingual teacher. I enjoy yoga, ZUMBA, making jewelry, reading cookbooks, chile pepper gardening, traveling and spending time with my pets: Dora, Diego and Boots.